About Us

DOGtastic is a family owned and operated business run by the mother and daughter combination of Jenny and Tara Delmenico.

With over 20 years experience in the grooming and training of dogs Jenny and Tara have a wealth of knowledge which they are more than happy to share with their clients. The business DOGtastic comprises of a specialty store which stocks every requirement that owners would have for the training, breeding or grooming of dogs. They stock shampoo, conditioners for cleanliness and wellbeing and also specialty products for sensitive skin, and grooming products such as brushes, or special sprays designed to help keep the coat knot free or healthy. Health products such as specialty items for ears, eyes, sun screen, fly repellent, flea issues, tooth brushes and paste etc.. crates, collars and leads, toys, treats, clippers, blades and clipper maintenance (including how to use the clippers). At all times we have a specialist in store to make sure that you purchase the correct tool for the grooming or training of your dog and we explain how to use any products.

DOGtastic are also very proud to sell BLACK HAWKE Holistic 100% Australian made Premium dog food. This dog food is free of wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors and preservatives and is hormone free. This food is especially beneficial for dogs with allergies, sensitive stomaches, wheat or corn allergies and for sick or convalescing dogs. It is also very popular with show and working dogs and for its amazing coat conditioning abilities. Black Hawk Holistic dog food comes in 20 kg bags of either lamb and rice or chicken and rice, adult food or 20 kg puppy food. It is also available in convenient 3kg bags as well. Information on this wonderful product can be found at www.blackhawkpetcare.com.au .

DOGtastic is also the home of our very modern and fully equipped dog grooming and spa salon. We offer a fantastic environment for your dogs to enjoy while they are being pampered and spoilt at our salon. We offer all of the usual dog grooming services such as clipping, stripping, bath, blow dry. Nails, as well as extensive spa items such as aromatic bath salt treatments, charcoal for smelly dogs or dogs with allergies or dandruff and massage., Jenny is also a fully qualified REIKI practitioner who specialises in dog REIKI.

Our dog grooming salon is managed by Tara who is a Master Groomer level competition winner at both royal and national competition level. Tara has represented us at dog grooming competitions and has won awards at the highest level including BEST IN SHOW. Tara has extensive knowledge in the grooming and styling of all breeds of dogs and understands the importance of maintaining the essence of the breed and the need to match the personality of the dog. Tara always listens to what the owners are asking for and provides advice and suggestions if needed. All dogs booked into our grooming salon are treated as our own and cared for in a safe and professional manner. We love dogs and make sure they are comfortable and happy at all times during their time with us.

Information on our salon is located elsewhere on this website.

Another popular service provided by DOGtastic is our PUPPY PRESCHOOL CLASSES which are conducted by Jenny who is a fully qualified AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL KENNEL COUNCIL OBEDIENCE JUDGE and professional dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant. Jenny has a wealth of knowledge and understands the importance of early socialisation and training to help develop the desired behaviours early in life and to help prevent problems such as nervousness, separation anxiety, dog or human aggression and so on. Jenny conducts Puppy Preschool classes on site either outside in our safe, fully enclosed puppy pen or inside our store if the weather is inclement. Jenny has been conducting puppy preschool classes for over 20 years either through her private dog training business called JENNYS SCHOOL FOR DOGS or as an instructor at BENDIGO OBEDIENCE DOG CLUB, PETstock puppy and adult classes and now at DOGtastic. Puppy Preschool classes are conducted week nights and Saturday mornings on site at our Lowndes St, DOGtastic store. Jenny has a working with children certificate and children are always welcome in her classes. Jenny’s puppy preschool classes don’t just work on teaching the puppies obedience such as sit, drop, come and stay but she also teaches the owners about dog psychology and helps them to understand how their dog thinks and how to avoid creating behaviours that they do not want to continue. Information on our puppy preschool program and a puppy preschool enrolment form are located elsewhere on the DOGtastic website.

Jenny and Tara have been breeding and showing their Dalmatians, Irish Setters, Shar pei and Amercian Cocker Spaniels for over 20 years and have trained or bred dogs who have achieved the top awards in Dog Showing (Supreme and Grand Champions and Australian Champions), Obedience, (UD and Open level), Agility (Masters Agility and Jumping titles) and have gained over 80 titles in these dog sports. They understand the importance of not just training the body but also the mind of their dogs and how health, correct soundess of mind and body and temperament or so important.

For over 10 years Jenny also worked for the State Government’s RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP AND SAFETY PROGRAM which involved visiting Preschool and Primary Schools and Ante Natal classes throughout Victoria to teach children how to be safe around dogs to prevent dog bites or attacks, and how to be a responsible dog and cat owner. Jenny has represented the program on the TODAY SHOW and RADIO and has worked at countless safety expos. At all times during her work with this program Jenny had one of her dogs by her side to help teach the children this important information.

Jenny’s dogs have also been used extensively over the years in television and advertisement including fashion parades and magazine work for DAVID JONES, modelling and television commercial for NATIONAL BANK AUSTRALIA, appearances on NEIGHBOURS, TEMPTATION, TALK TO THE ANIMALS, MOVIE PROMO FOR 101 DALMATIANS WITH KATRINA WARREN, ABC CREATURE FEATURES SPECIAL ON DALMATIANS, TELSTRA training and so many fashion and magazine and ad shoots.

We are proud of our dogs and we are proud of our new venture DOGtastic,. Please feel free to come and meet us and to check out our store and our services.